How To Get The Best Southern Experience In Houston, Texas

Houston is one of the biggest cities in Texas. Located along the gulf of Mexico, Houston is almost as South as it gets. There are plenty of different things you can do to get that perfect Southern Country feel while on your stay there.

Drone View Of Downtown Houston City

Eat Some Homemade Country Food

Almost every article or magazine featuring the city of Houston mentions the food. Since you’re so far down South there is abound opportunities for great food in restaurants, bars, and diners. There is also good Cajun food because of the proximity to Louisiana.

An Example Of Homestyle Southern Barbecue
Try A Texas Crawfish Boil

Get Yourself A New Pair Of Texan Leather Boots

In Houston there are tons of leather shops that sell all sorts of Southern goods. You can find buckles, belts, boots, etc. The shops offer some of the finest materials throughout the USA and have many different colors and designs.

Shop In The City That Features A Variety Of Texan Boots

Go Hog Hunting Outside The City

In Texas, feral hogs are legally allowed to be hunted as long as all rules are followed. You can also take a paid guided tour with an experienced hunter. Or you could take an overnight tour where you camp in the wild and hunt the hogs from there.

Hogs Can Be Colored Brown Or Black

Visit A Popular Brewery In The City

Houston in filled with many breweries and wineries around the city. Some of the most popular and well known ones are Saint Arnold Brewing Company, 8th Wonder Brewing and Spindletap Brewery.

Breweries Are Very Popular Down South

Enjoy Some Of The Souths Finest Swamps

Many Turtles Are Often Found In Swamps

Beaumont is a smaller city found right outside of Houston. There are swamps and gators in Beaumont’s Gator Country, the park has around 600 alligators. Beaumont has marshes, bayous and wetlands that have great birdwatching and wildlife watching and also offer horseback riding.

Cypress Trees Tend To Grow In Swamps

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