Fun Facts About Florida That Will Desperately Make You Want To Visit

Florida is one of the best states to visit in the USA if you are looking for great tourism opportunities. From caves to beaches Florida is definitely not an overrated place to go. These crazy facts will make you want to book a ticket as soon as possible, so keep reading to find out what Florida has in store for you!

Drone View Of Fort Lauderdale Beach

Florida Has Miles And Miles Of Beaches

Florida has around 1,350 miles of coastline in total, with around 825 miles of beaches. Yes, you heard it right 825 miles, so you’ll never run out of places to swim. Although, sixty percent of the beaches are privately owned.

Rescue Station On Pensacola Beach, Florida

Florida Has Crazy Amounts Of Freshwater Springs

Florida has around a whopping number of 320 freshwater springs throughout the state! Most of the people are able to swim in. There are also opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and rafting in the springs.

People Kayaking In Silver Springs

Florida Has Very Many Hotels

According to various statistics Florida has 422, 997 hotel and motel rooms and 4,518 hotel/motel buildings. There are also many fancy resorts that are be all inclusive and on the beach. So there are many stay options for all budgets.

Classy Hotel On Pensacola Beach

The Florida Keys Have Tons Of Islands

The Florida Keys are made up of around 1,700 tiny islands. The bigger islands are home to many tourist sites and the little islands can be visited by boat or ferry. The keys have world class snorkeling and diving and an array of islands to choose from.

Some Nearby Islands Are Accessible By Kayak

Florida Has Outstanding National Parks

Florida has three gorgeous national parks. Including the Everglades, the Dry Tortugas, and Biscayne. These national parks hold beautiful reefs, historic sites, marshes and exotic wildlife.

The Everglades Have Nearly 300 Bird Species

There Are Lots Of Theme Parks

Florida has theme parks for all ages and all kinds of people. Most people know about Disney World but there are others like Legoland, Busch Gardens and Gatorland that are also popular. Most of the theme parks are located near Orlando.

Disney World Has A Tomorrowland Theme In An Area Of The Park

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