An Adventurers Florence, Oregon Bucketlist

Florence, Oregon is a beautiful small town located in central-west Oregon. It is most well known for being near the Oregon Sand Dunes National Recreation Area. There is plenty to see for those looking for adventure and the outdoors.

File:Woahink Lake south of Florence, Oregon.jpg
Woahink Lake Near The City Of Florence, Oregon PC: RickObst

Sea Lion Caves

The sea lion caves are famous for being America’s largest sea cave. The seals are free to come and go as they please and are part of a Oregon marine reserve. The best time to go is in the winter because that is the seals birthing time and you can see hundreds.

The Sea Lion Caves Are Also A Bird Sanctuary PC: Art Bromage

Sand Boarding

Oregon Sand Dunes National Recreation Area has the largest area of coastal sand in the entire USA. There are dedicated parts of the dunes made just for sandboarders. If you’re feeling adventurous you can also try some of the sandboarding ramps which are open year round to the public.

Sandboarding Is Like Snowboarding -But Can Be Done Year Round

Quad In The Sand Dunes

Quading in the dunes might in fact be one of the most popular activities in the dunes. There are plenty of hills to race on because the Dune Recreation Area has 32,000 acres of land. Some hills are even up to 500 feet tall and there are plenty of different rental vehicles you can choose from.

Quads Are Available To Rent For Almost All Ages

Darlingtonia State Natural Site

This site is a 18 acre botanical preserve near Florence, Oregon. It is popular for having a preserved rare species of carnivorous plant. The plant is found in Northern California and Oregon and is known for eating insects.

File:Darlingtonia State Natural Site near Florence, Oregon 25.jpg
The Plant Has The Name “Cobra Lilly” PC: RickObst

Take A Heli Tour Over The Sand Dunes

If the Sand Dunes aren’t already beautiful enough on land, the are gorgeous when seen from up above. You will see every hill and every shadow from above. Helicopter tours over the Oregon Sand Dunes National Recreation Area are one of the best ways to capture the beauty of this landmark.

View Of Sand Dunes From Up Above In Oregon

Visit The Beach At Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint

Have a picnic or just enjoy the scenery of the beach. People enjoy this area for the small beach and the cliffs with breathtaking views. If you are lucky enough to make it at low tide there is a natural cave and tidepools.

File:Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint.jpg
People Enjoy The Low Tide At The Beach PC: Finetooth

Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint

There is a short trail that will lead you to this lighthouse with views of the ocean and the beach. This place is really special because there are many options for wildlife viewing, such as bird watching and seeing migratory whales.

File:Heceta Head Light - Oregon.jpg
Brown Pelicans Are Often Spotted At Heceda Lighthouse PC: Scott Catron

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