How To Explore Nevada’s Rubies Route

The Rubies Route is one of ten road trip routes people explore in Nevada. The Rubies Route goes through Lamoille, Elko, Jiggs, Wells, and Jarbidge, Nevada. Located in North-Eastern Nevada the Rubies Route has outstanding beauty. Keep reading to see what there is to do on the Rubies Route!

Elko, Nevada Is The Center Of The Rubies Route

Visit Or Take A Scenic Drive Through Lamoille Canyon

Lamoille Canyon is the largest scenic valley among the ones in the Ruby Mountains and was sculpted by glaciers throughout history. It is a scenic byway with around twelve miles of beauty.

File:2013-09-18 10 00 17 View north down Lamoille Canyon from a ledge near 10000 feet along the Ruby Crest National Recreation Trail in Lamoille Canyon, Nevada.jpg
The Canyon Is Sometimes Reffered To As The “Yosemite Of Nevada” PC: Famartin

Backpack/Hike In The Ruby Mountains

The Ruby Mountains are home to many species of wildlife like mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and varieties of fish. The Ruby Mountains have over 300 miles of hiking trails. You can also try four-wheeling, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Image result for ruby mountains
Abandoned Building With A View Of The Ruby Mountains PC: Famartin

Go Fishing In Elko

Elko, Nevada is well known for being a fishing heaven. There are two dozen alpine lakes in the Ruby Mountains which are near Elko. Many people also go fly fishing in Elko and people have caught huge fish here.

File:Owyhee River, Elko County, Nevada.jpg
Owyhee River In Elko County Is Open To Fishing PC: U.S. Geological Survey

Visit Twelve Mile Hot Springs In Wells

Located twelve miles from Wells, Nevada there are beautiful hidden hot springs. Many people think Wells is bland but they don’t know about it’s secret gem. These hot springs have no hideous sulfur smell and are great for exploring in the winter because they are basically a natural hot tub in the mountains.

File:2012-10-20 View of Wells in Nevada from Angel Lake Road (Nevada State Route 231).jpg
Wells, Nevada Surrounded By Desert, Mountains and Hidden Hot Springs PC: Famartin

Camp In A Canyon

In Lamoille Canyon (mentioned above) there is Thomas Canyon Campground that many people choose to stay at. Especially beautiful in the fall, the campground has 39 sites. It is one of the most beautiful places to stay on the Rubies Route.

File:2013-10-08 14 52 06 View up Thomas Canyon towards Mount Fitzgerald from Lamoille Canyon Road near Thomas Canyon Campground.JPG
Thomas Canyon In The Fall-time PC: Famartin

Go Heli-Skiing In The Ruby Mountains

Heli Skiing is about as extreme as it gets in the Ruby Mountains. A helicopter will fly you to the top of remote terrain on a mountain and down you’ll go. So you must be quite experienced to try it out, and it is quite pricey but the views are worth it.

You Have To Be A Minimum Of 16 Years Old To Heli-Ski

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