The 5 Best Seaside Towns To Visit On Egypt’s Red Sea

Egypt has around 1800 miles of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, and the Gulf Of Suez where the Red Sea lies. There are many small tourist cities waiting to be explored. People go for the exquisite snorkeling opportunities and the high salinity levels.

The Red Sea Is One Of The Saltiest Bodies Of Water In The World

Marsa Alam

Located in south-eastern Egypt Marsa Alam lies along the red sea and stays fairly warm year round. It is a growing tourist city in Egypt and has it’s own airport. There is also great wildlife and many people see wild turtles and octopuses in the ocean.

Boardwalk At A Private Resort In Marsa Alam

El Gouna

El Gouna is a small village on the red sea in Egypt and also has a it’s own airport. The village is a an Egyptian modern paradise, and has plenty to do. There are many water activities such as kitesurfing and horseback riding.

File:El Gouna Tamr Henna R02.jpg
People Often Visit Al Gouna For It’s Shopping Opportunities PC: Marc Ryckaert


Safaga is a smaller town but has easy access to Cairo, which is Egypt’s capital. Safaga also offers fun day tours to historic sites in Egypt’s deserts and water tours such as glass bottom boat riding and scuba-diving in the red sea.

File:Images from Safaga No 3..JPG
In Safaga You Can Enjoy Street Vendors Goods PC: Badics


Hugrada used to be a small fishing village but now has become a popular tourist area. People enjoy Hurghada because of it’s beautiful town square with markets that sell spices and vegetables. Hugrada also has a park called Mini Egypt that makes replicas of landmarks around Egypt.

Walking Center In Hurghada City

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is famous for it’s crystal clear waters and snorkeling/diving at Ras Mohammed National Park. The city also has many beautiful resorts to choose from which can be found for fairly cheap.

Day Trip From Sharm El Sheikh To Egyptian Monuments

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