Activities To Give You An Adrenaline Rush In Sydney, Australia

Ah, beautiful Sydney, Australia. Being one of the most frequently visited cities in Australia there is plenty to do. People tend to first think of the Opera House when they think about Sydney, but there are many more activities than listening to opera.

Helicopter View Of Sydney’s Skyline

Climb Up Sydney Harbour Bridge

Climbing the bridge is a very popular tour choice and is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. With 1332 stairs it’s definitely not an easy climb. At the top of the bridge is one of the best views of Sydney‘s Opera House and the cities skyline.

The Bridge Reaches 440 Ft. In Height

Enjoy Tandem Skydiving Along North Wollongong Beach

Wollongong is a small seaside suburb of Sydney. A plane will fly you there, on the way there are many enjoyable views of beaches and of Royal National Park. People also tend to see migrating ocean mammals from the air while skydiving.

Dolphins Can Often Be Seen In Pods From Up Above

Take A Scenic Helicopter Flight Over the City

Although pricey, you are bound to get some beautiful views of the city, opera house, and the Sydney Harbour bridge. Some flights also take you over million dollar mansions and over the water.

View Of CBD Suburb in Sydney

Experience Racing A V8 Race Car

At Eastern Creek International Raceway you can experience driving four laps (pay more for up to nine laps) by yourself as fast as you like. This tour although, is quite pricey but worth the experience. It is safe because you will have a personal instructor at the intercom at all times. Or you can just have them take you for a spin.

Example Of A Race Car That You Are Able To Drive

White Water Raft At Penrith Whitewater Stadium

At the stadium you have the choice of kayaking or whitewater rafting. Being one of the only man made rivers for rafting, the 2000 kayak/canoe Sydney Olympic Games were held here. Anyone over the age of 12 can try it out.

The River Is Made From Both Natural And Man Made Materials

Try Jet Boating In Sydney’s Harbour

Jet Boating in Sydney is definitely extreme, and jet boats can go in 360 degree turns. The boats go super fast and crazy. The jet boats take you on a tour of Sydney‘s Harbour where you see the skyline, Opera House, etc.

The Jet Boat Tours Can Be From 30-45 Minutes.

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