Big Animals To Spot On A Trip to Yellowstone National Park

Most people are pulled to visit Yellowstone National Park because of the beautiful geysers, but others go there for the wide array of wildlife. Keep reading to see the big animals that are often spotted at the park!

Drone View Of Grand Prismatic Spring In Yellowstone

The American Bison

The American Bison is the most common animal seen when visiting Yellowstone. When driving, people tend to see Bison in the streets too! Bison used to roam all of the USA. Now they are only in a couple of places like Yellowstone and South Dakota, so take your opportunity to see them while you can.

Bison’s Grazing On Grasses And Herbs In The Park

Black Bears & Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bears used to be endangered but now can freely roam around Yellowstone. Because they can be dangerous animals you are advised to always keep your distance. Yellowstone used to let people feed, what they call “beggar bears” by hand and that’s what attracted so many people to the park back in the day. Because bears were adapted to start finding food on their own it is harder to spot one, so keep on the lookout!

Bears Searching For A Place To Hibernate For the Winter

Pronghorn Antelope

Pronghorn Antelope are less common throughout the park, but with a good effort you can spot one. They are also the fastest American land mammal and can sprint 45-50 MPH! Pronghorn Antelope live in grasslands and both genders have horns.

File:Pronghorn antelope.jpg
Pronghorn Antelope Can Run Up To A Max. Speed of 61 MPH PC: Jack Dykinga


A Coyote can be mistaken for a wolf but it is only one third of the size. Coyotes are abundant in the park and can be dangerous to humans so know your boundaries. Coyotes are usually in meadows and grasslands looking for smaller animals to eat.

Coyote Stalking Its Prey In The Bushes

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep can be viewed year round at Yellowstone. The sheep are known for their huge horns that they often use to fight other males with. They are also one of the most populous animals at the park.

File:Bighorn sheep ram (11296378705).jpg
Bighorn Sheep Preparing For Head to Head Combat PC: Jim Peaco


Yellowstone is one of the best places for viewing wolves in the wild. The National Park is home to both black and grey wolves. There used to be no wolves in Yellowstone because people thought they were a threat. Until they were reintroduced in 1995 and now thrive.

Wolves Are Considered Dangerous Animals But Are Very Loving


Most people spot moose in the park at dawn and dusk. Moose tend to hang out near marshes, lakes and forests, and they can also swim! They may look like friendly animals but are actually quite dangerous and can run quite fast, so be careful.

Make Sure To Listen Closely For Moose Mating Calls

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