Monaco: How to Create Your Luxury Trip

Ah, good old Monte-Carlo, Monaco. One of the most densely populated micro-states. Where the rich go to play and the poor, well probably can’t do much. Monaco being one of the most expensive places to visit and live in should be luxury when you go. Keep reading to see some ideas about how to make your stay the fanciest it can be.

Marina At Night In Monte-Carlo’s Bay

Tour Around in A Millionare’s Car

In Monaco you can choose to rent a luxury car yourself, or if you’re feeling lazy there is always the option of hiring a driver along with the car. Although, in Monaco driving a nice car is the norm so you’ll be fitting in not standing out. Rent a Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bentley or any fancy car that comes to mind.

People In Monaco Are Often Found Riding Luxury Cars

Gamble Away At Many Fancy Casinos

People know Monaco very well for having lots of casinos and places to gamble. Some casinos are even world famous, and people come from all over the globe to visit them. Sun Casino, Monte Carlo Bay Casino, and Casino Café de Paris are all three very popular options.

Poker Is Often Played By The Wealthy

Stay At Some Of The Worlds Most Luxury Hotels

If you’re already in such a fancy place the best way to top it off is to stay at a nice resort or hotel. Monaco is along the French Riviera and offers beautiful views from many hotels, and some are along the water. A couple fancy (but expensive) options are Hotel Hermitage, Hotel De Paris, and Hotel Metropole.

Seaside Pool At A Hotel In Monaco

Sail Along The French Riviera On A Private Yacht

Yachts. Wow, Monaco sure has alot of them. Renting a yacht is quite expensive but totally worth it. Monaco also hosts a yacht show every year which features superyachts and any yacht you can imagine. In Monte-Carlo there are hundreds of pricey yachts docked at the piers on display for anyone who visits.

Many Yachts Are Found Sailing In Monaco’s Bay

Shop At Some of The Best Name Brand Stores

Monaco is home to many fashion boutiques and shopping centers. People go here for name brand clothing, fancy jewelry and beautiful art. Two popular shopping areas are Le Métropole Shopping Centre and Fontvieille Shopping Centre.

Many Wealthy People Choose To Shop At Gucci

Dine At Some of The Worlds Classiest Restaurants

Monaco being along the French Riviera there is some excellent seafood dining options. There is also great Mediterranean cuisine. Monaco also has food specialties that are a blend of Southern French Cuisine and Italian Cusine; stuffed zucchini flowers, Barbajuan (fried pastry), and Swiss chard pie.

Classy Restaurant By The Water

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