Krong Kampot, Cambodia: For Nature Lovers

Kampot is one of the main tourist hubs in Cambodia. Located in South Cambodia, Kampot has warm and hot weather year round. Most people go there for the nature. There are plenty of waterfalls, mountains, and rivers to explore.

Rice Fields In Kampot, Cambodia

Float Along The Kampot River

Right outside town the river is located at the bottom of the Elephant Mountains. People can swim, paddle board, kayak or take a short boat ride. If you don’t feel like swimming you can watch the sunset or explore walking paths along the river.

File:2016 Kampot, Zachód słońca nad rzeką Praek Tuek Chhu (20).jpg
Boat Floating Along the Kampot River PC: Marcin Konsek

Kayak The Green Cathedral

The Green Cathedral is a kayaking loop with beautiful greenery surrounding you and has some bridges and that you will go under. It is also popular for waterfowl and many different kinds of dragonflies. The loop also has some little islands along the way.

Kayak Floating Through The Calm Waters Of The Green Cathedral

Kep Butterfly Garden

Kep Butterfly Garden, a little outside the city, will allow you to see many different kinds of butterflies you probably didn’t even know existed. The flower filled garden is home to many tropical and exotic species of butterflies. This butterfly garden is accessible by motorbikes, biking or trail hiking.

Exotic Butterflies Are Frequently Found In Southeastern Asia

Motorbiking Bokor Mountain

Bokor Mountain is located in Bokor National Park near Krong Kampot. You have the option to rent a motorbike for quite cheap and scale up the mountain. On the way you can stop at Bokor Hill Station which is a ghost town with mysterious abandoned buildings. On the mountain people before have spotted wild animals like monkeys and parrots.

People In Cambodia Often Use Motorbikes As Forms Of Transportation

Popokvil Waterfalls

Popokvil waterfalls are also located on Bokor Mountain and are great place for a swim. On the walk to the waterfalls you can find wild animals like monkeys and giant red squirrels. Popokvil waterfalls are two tier waterfalls, and are recommended to go during the rainy season because they are most beautiful at that time.

Rabbit Island Day Trip ( Koh Thonsáy )

“Koh Thonsáy” is the untranslated name of Rabbit Island. To get there you take a boat from Kep city. The island is very quiet and laid back, and there aren’t many places to stay so tourists aren’t flooding the area. The island is really relaxing and offers peaceful beaches.

File:Koh thonsay beach.jpg
Tropical Koh Thonsáy Beach On Rabbit Island

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