The Top Things to Do in Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, Canada is a bursting city just waiting to be explored. Located on Vancouver Island the city is filled with natural and man made beauty. Keep reading to find out the best things to do while staying in this beautiful city!

File:British Columbia Parliament Buildings in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 14.jpg
Victoria’s Parliament Buildings Glowing In The Evening PC: Micheal Klajban

1. Miniature World

Miniature World is a small museum located in downtown Victoria. It features a wide variety of display and exhibits that are handmade and tiny. There are around 46 displays on sight. It is a really fun and out of the ordinary experience in Victoria.

Figurine Train Station On Display

2. Boat Ferries At The Harbor

The Victoria Harbor Ferries offer two different routes. You can either choose a gorge tour, a tour that takes you on an hour and fifteen minute ride to the historic areas of Victoria. Or you can choose a harbor tour which is forty-five minutes and you can see the parliament buildings, floating home communities, etc. Or you can take a water taxi that floats across the water to various tourist locations.

Image result for victoria harbour tours
Harbour Ferry Docking In Victoria, BC PC: Joe Mabel

3. Inner Harbour Pathway

Inner harbour pathway is a popular walking area in Victoria. People walk along it to see the boats docked in the harbour, the blooming flowers and the ocean. Often times there are also vendors selling goods along the walkway.

Image result for inner harbour pathway bc
Inner Harbour Pathway Blooming In the Evening PC: Brandon Godfrey

4. Fishermans Wharf Park

At Fishermans Wharf Park you can see an array of colorful floating homes on the water. You can also grab a bite of fresh seafood or any food or ice cream at the kiosks. Fishermans Wharf is also really popular for seeing wild seals and all sorts of marine life.

Image result for fishermans wharf park victoria
Houseboats Are Found Along The Water At Fishermans Wharf PC: Simon Villeneuve

5. Fisgard Lighthouse On Fort Rodd Hill

Spend your day touring old military bunkers on Fort Rodd Hill. Or check out the beautiful bright red Fisgard Lighthouse, the oldest one of the west coast of Canada. And afterwards you can walk along the driftwood beach nearby.

Image result for fort rodd hill lighthouse
Fisgard Lighthouse Is The Oldest In All Of West Coast Canada

6. British Columbia Parliament Buildings

Located near downtown Victoria are the Parliament Buildings. They offer guided tours and self guided tours of the building, where you can see the rich history and vibrant architecture.

Parliament Building in Victoria

7. The Oldest Chinatown In Canada

Head down to Chinatown, the oldest one in Canada! Although it is a bit smaller than most Chinatown’s it contains lots of historic elements throughout. There are also plenty of small shops and markets to explore.

Image result for chinatown victoria
Chinatown In Victoria Is Filled With Small Business Restaurants PC: Another Believer

8. Beacon Hill Park

The cutest park, especially in the spring and summer! The park is home to many animals, even though it is walking distance from the city. There you can find many ducks in all the seasons, and there are even wild peacocks running around. It is around 200 acres so there is plenty to see.

Image result for beacon hill park wikimedia
Eastern Grey Squirrel At Beacon Hill Park Pc: KirinX

9. Whale Watch

While places like Alaska are very well know for whale watching Victoria is also really famous for it. The best time to go is around May through October but you really can see whales year round! Victoria is home to humpbacks, orcas, grey whales, etc.

Pod of Orcas Swimming In The Bay

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