Why Porto De Galinhas Should be on your Brazil Bucket List

Porto de Galinhas is a beach in the state of Pernambuco of Brazil, which is located in east Brazil. To get there you have to drive from a bigger city nearby or fly into the Recife International Airport. To get to the beach you stay in the city of Ipojuca.

1.See The Reef At Low Tide

When the water levels get low enough you can witness the formation of natural tide pools. The reefs become visible, and if you’re lucky you can see many pods of fish in the clear water. You can walk, kayak, or sail around and see what new animals in the tide pools you can find.

Man Exploring The Reefs At Low Tide

2. Visit surrounding beaches

Muro Alto Beach is surrounded by a reef which causes the beach to have no waves so it is a very peaceful beach. Praia de Maracaípe offers surfing and other various water sports. Praia de Serrambi is a relaxed beach with lots reef snorkeling. There are coral reefs all along so snorkel and dive tours are an option.

Snorkeling And Diving Are Popular Activities On The Coast Of Brazil

3. Projeto Hippocampus

Projeto Hippocampus is best for kids because it is a small aquarium featuring many different kinds of seahorses. It costs around $11.50 a person. It also features other local marine species that are located on the coast of Brazil.

Seahorse Being Shown At The Aquarium

4. Pontal De Maracaípe

Pontal De Maracaipe is where the Maracaipe river intersects with the sea. People often spot small crabs and many different species of seahorses. Raft tours are also offered. You can also go through by boat and canoe. If the tide is very low then you can walk far out on the shoreline along the beach.

Image result for Maracaípe river
Boats Docked Along The Maracaipe River. PC: Nathalia Verony

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